Where To Find Local Experts

Learning From Those Who Know Best

Sometimes we need help with out gardening. Seeking out local sources for gardening help can help you understand the ins and outs of your specific climate zone and soil conditions can take our garden from good to great. Here are some ideas to help you find local experts to answer your questions.

Garden Programs

Master Gardener Program

This intensive gardening program is typically offered through universities throughout the United States and Canada. Their website can connect you to your local program where you can go for regionally specific advice. You can also sign up for classes and train to become a master gardener yourself.

Local Nurseries

Who should know local gardening better than those who sell plants? Many garden nurseries have at least one horticulturalist on site who could answer your questions.Some nurseries will test your soil and then advice what steps to take based on your garden’s specific composition.


Community Gardens

These gardens are staffed by volunteers for the beautification of the community. Contacting your local community garden can put you in contact with others who can share their successes and failures, as well as learning from your experiences. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for gardens that will let you volunteer in return for a portion of the harvest.

Local Garden Clubs

Attending a meeting of your local garden club can put you in contact with people in your area who are dedicated to gardening. Along with these meetings, clubs often host guest speakers. These speakers are typically educated experts from government programs, local botanical gardens, and nurseries. There is also a social aspect to these clubs so you may end up making new friends who share your interests in gardening.